Why you need a selfie stick

You might think that selfie sticks are dated, but they are still popular many years later. In fact, it is hard to visit most tourist spots without seeing people use selfie sticks. Tourists love them, Instagram influencers, and those obsessed with selfie culture can’t even live without them. While they make you look uhm… a little bit silly, there is no denying that selfie sticks can actually give you some decent pictures. Using the right accessory, you can always be assured of getting clear photos of you and your loved ones, whether standing at the Empire State building or just capturing a timeless birthday moment.

The right stick needs to be compact and lightweight to take it with you while traveling, long enough to take the best group selfies, stable and easy to operate because you want to enjoy the moment and get the perfect pics.

Here are some reasons why you need a selfie stick.

No extending arm in photos

If you hate seeing your outreaching arm in all selfies, a selfie stick is a must-have smartphone accessory. Although aiming the stick at the right angle can take practice, it is possible to take fantastic pics without seeing the stick.

A group selfie

A selfie stick will help you fit everyone into the group photo. With a selfie stick, you can fully outstretch it to the appropriate length and angle and take your group photos with ease. No need for your mates standing far behind or beside you or stretching their necks to fit in the group photo – a selfie stick will do the job.

You don’t need to bother a stranger

When traveling, it is a common practice to ask a stranger to take a photo. However, a stranger can be not the right camera person, so you can get a terrible shot that is blurry or dark. A selfie stick will save you all these inconveniences.

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